Calculate business rates liability in Worthing

How will business rates affect your business property and your business. There is a wide variety of properties in Worthing subject to business rates. Business rates are a local tax that occupiers of non domestic buildings in Worthing are required to pay. Business Rates Calculator makes it easy for you to understand certain aspects of non domestic rates.

Reducing business rates for your property in Worthing

At Business Rates Calculator, you can learn all about the relief schemes in Worthing that you may be eligible for. The relief available may depend on the rateable value of the business premises in Worthing or its status. So find out if your business property in Worthing qualifies for business rate relief, by visiting Business Rates Calculator today.

Calculating commercial business rates in Worthing

You should remember that the multiplier isn't set at a uniform figure throughout the UK. Knowing this figure is important as it can significantly alter the amount of business rates you are liable to pay. Worthing Borough Council is responsible for collecting the business rates in Worthing, which is part of West Sussex. You can contact the Council Tax and Business Rates Services of your local authority via telephone on 01903 221061 or by emailing at

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Calculating the business rates bill of a property in Worthing may seem like a complicated process. With the help of Business Rates Calculator, calculating the business rates on a commercial property couldn't be simpler. All you have to provide is the postcode or the BA reference number of the property in Worthing and we'll get you the result.

Find out how business rates are worked out in Worthing

The level of business rates is calculated by multiplying two separate factors. The VOA are responsible for assessing the rateable value of business properties in Worthing. The multiplier is set by Communities and Local Government and is the other factor involved in calculating business rates in Worthing.

Calculate the business rates before choosing a building to buy or rent in Worthing

There are a range of associated costs to take into account if you're looking for a property to rent or buy in Worthing. Of course, your first priority will be the costs associated with the purchase or rent of the property. But you will also need to consider factors such as SDLT, insurance and business rates. So checking the cost of business rates on the property for business use in Worthing with Business Rates Calculator will allow you to budget accordingly.

Worthing Business rates payment information

There are several ways you can opt to pay Worthing Borough Council the business rates on a property in Worthing. For example, the payment can be made online, by Direct Debit or by phone. Here at Business Rates Calculator, we make it easy for you to get in touch with Worthing Borough Council to make an enquiry or to find out more.

The cost of business rates for small businesses in Worthing

You may be eligible for business rate relief of up to 100 per cent if the rateable value of your property in Worthing is below a specified amount. At Business Rates Calculator, we take this fact into account when estimating your business rates. So you can trust Business Rates Calculator to accurately estimate the business rates on your business property in Worthing.